Olympic Weight Lifting Coach


Power development is crucial that leads to increase speed and strength. As the physics equation exist Power = Work / Time or Energy / Time where Work = force x distance then  Power = (Force x Distance) / Time or Power = (Force/Time) * (Distance/Time) where (D/T) is also known as velocity or speed and can be re-written as Power = (Force/Time) * Velocity. Force over Time is recognized then as mass(M)*Acceleration(A) * velocity (V) which can be written as Power = (MA) * V where MA is known as strength. The equation thus leads us to POWER = Strength * Speed where you can not have one without the other. The beauty about having a certified Olympic Weight Lifting Coach is to determine which of the two or are both needed to develop power.

Dr. Erik Shimane is certified as an Olympic Lifting Coach through Titlelist Performance Institute and Robert Yang.