ELDOA is the active use of reinforcement exercise movements, myofacial stretches and posture techniques which aim to increase the space between joints and lengthening the spine. 

Performing the ELDOA movements as part of the overall design for your health and fitness program will help to increase your flexibility, improve muscle performance and tone, reduce stress, reduce joint inflammation, delay disc degeneration, improve posture, relieve chronic and acute back pain, relieve neck and shoulder tension,  and improve the longevity of the spine and your overall wellbeing.

Dr. Erik is a Certified ELDOA Trainer and is trained in the Spine, Hips, Upper Extremities and the Pelvis. 

What Is the ELDOA Method?

The ELDOA method is an innovative form of exercise developed by world-renowned osteopath Dr. Guy Voyer. ELDOA exercises consist of a series of specific postures aimed at relieving pressure and increasing blood flow around particular joints or spinal segments. This technique is a highly effective way to reduce pain, increase circulation, and improve posture, balance, and spine health.